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I came across this How Do I Sequentially Number Records in an Access Query in order to do what I was trying to do based on this stackoverflow question I posted (which I never got to do what I was after) but each time that I try to add the AS Counter to the query I get

The expression you entered contains invalid syntax
You may have entered an operand without an operator

using the following sql:

SELECT Maintable.NumBR, Maintable.*, [Ehow] AS Expr1
FROM Maintable
WHERE (((Maintable.[NumBR])="" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "3101" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "3541" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "4381" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "AS3281" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "4260" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "4315" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "4330" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "4382" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "9410" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "9570" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "AS3710" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "AS4450" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "K400" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "3100" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "3130" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "3280" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "3495" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "3540" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "3610" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "3700" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "4110" 
  Or (Maintable.[NumBR]) Like "4200")

AND (([Ehow])=DCount("[NumBR]","[Maintable]"," [NumBR] <= " & [NumBR])));

EDIT the question posed in the previous stackoverflow question answers this question.

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What did you not understand about the sample database I uploaded? You should post sample data and an example of what you want returned. – Fionnuala Aug 13 '12 at 19:53
I could see the you had a id that duplicated when it should have, but I could not see how the id was even added to records found. Or how to select and then add an ID – capnhud Aug 13 '12 at 20:08
Did you look at the query sql? – Fionnuala Aug 13 '12 at 20:09
I see the maintable which is in the correct format, and then I see the temptable which has the same field as the maintable with the addition of an id. How is the temptable to be created based on only returning the NumBR records I want. There are more than just those that were in the list which will need to not be returned in the query – capnhud Aug 13 '12 at 20:20
So type the list into the temp table in the order that you want them. Delete any you do not want. Run the sample query. – Fionnuala Aug 13 '12 at 20:36
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The AS Counter phrase is not needed in your query. In the linked example, that's added to the SELECT statement to alias the column; in your example you're working with the WHERE clause, so that AS phrase wouldn't do anything (and is actually invalid).

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That is exactly what I said in the previous question, a long discussion and a sample database. I wonder if your restatement will help. – Fionnuala Aug 13 '12 at 19:55

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