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I have been given a large .mat file which looks like this:

  Name       Size               Bytes  Class     Attributes

  grip1      1x1              1662198  struct              
  grip2      1x1              2032758  struct              
  grip3      1x1              1660278  struct              
  grip4      1x1              1650678  struct              
  grip5      1x1              1607478  struct              
  grip6      1x1             63353718  struct

Each grip has several recorded muscle signals (EMG) of a person gripping, from several sensors. I want to load only one of these sensor signals for one of these grips. I want to do the following but it doesn't work:

EMG_signal = load('grips', ',:)')

The closest I can get is this:

EMG_signal = load('grips', 'grip6');
EMG_signal =,:);

However this involved loading several times as much data as I needed, then discarding it. Is there simple short-cut?

This would also apply for an object stored in a .mat file - surely I wouldn't have to load the whole object just to get the value of one of its variables (properties).

Many thanks.

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separate them to multiple files? – Gir Aug 13 '12 at 19:55
Even the matfile object interface won't work to index into the fields of a structure (unfortunately) - unless you can restructure the .mat files, I think you're out of luck. – tmpearce Aug 13 '12 at 20:10
If you have to do this a lot of times for the same datafile, you can always save the data again to new file, eg: save('EMG_grip_6_1.mat','EMG_signal') – Gunther Struyf Aug 14 '12 at 6:51

Excellent question. It looks like it depends on which version of Matlab you're running. Mathworks added the matfile function as of R2011b.

But unfortunately, your specific problem still can't be solved as you have structures and not straight up matrices stored. If 'grip6' were a matrix, you could access just the sub-matrix like this:

matObj = matfile('grips.mat')
EMG_signal = matObj.grip6(1,:)

But as the documentation says,

matfile does not support indexing into:

  • Fields of structs

For further reading on how Matlab doesn't support the loading of parts of matrices or arrays from mat files, see this matlab central thread.

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