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I have a program the launches a cmd console with a certain environment. The problem the console is launched by clicking a button, so I can't create a custom launcher on my own with that environment.

What I want: Given a file with a set variables (generated by running set command in the custom launched cmd), I want to set up the environment in the current cmd console by reading that file.


in.txt (note the spaces in same vars on the right side):

var1=c:\program files
var2=d:\folder with libs  

After running the script like: ./ in.txt the environment in the current cmd console should be (output after running set command):

var1=c:\program files
var2=d:\folder with libs

Note: bash scripting can be used inside the script as long as the environment is set right.

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Just rename in.txt to in.bat then the contents should be:

set var1=c:\program files
set path=c:\;c:\bin
set var2=d:\folder with libs

and run in.bat

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I have manged to write the following working script:

  • Usage: script.bat file_name
  • If file_name not provided prints usage
  • Creates a backup file envbkp.bat with environment variables before deleting them for possible restore

    @echo off
    set _exitStatus=0
    set _argcActual=0
    set _argcExpected=1
    for %%i in (%*) do set /A _argcActual+=1
    if %_argcActual% NEQ %_argcExpected% (
        call :_ShowUsage %0%
        set _exitStatus=1
    set _exitStatus=
    set _argcActual=
    set _argcExpected=
    if exist ".\envbkp.bat" del ".\envbkp.bat"
    echo @echo off > envbkp.bat
    for /f "tokens=1* delims==" %%a in ('set') do (
        echo set %%a=%%b>> .\envbkp.bat
        set %%a=
    for /f "tokens=1* delims==" %%a in ('type %~1') do (
        set %%a=%%b
        echo [USAGE]: %~1 env_file
    if NOT "%~2" == "" (
        echo %~2
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