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I am new to WSO2 ESB. Currently I am working on a JavaScript based application using the ESRI JavaScript API ( ). The maps are fed off various ESRI hosted REST web service. For example the street map REST service is accessible through this URL:

Instead of using this REST service directly, we wish to do it through the ESB instead. So our application will call the WSO2 Carbon server which in turn will call the ESRI web service. At this stage of the project we just need to find out whether that is possible. If it is possible, we may go about meddling its contents and handle other security aspects.

I am using Eclispe Juno with the WSO2 Developer Studio. I understand that I need to create a Carbon Application Project and a ESB Config Project within it. That 2 steps are done. Now I know I have to put in an Endpoint and a Proxy Service as well. For the Endpoint, what Endpoint type I should use in the wizard dialog? As for the proxy service, what do I need to do?

Please help. If there are other similar threads or sites, I have not found them yet.

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Have a look at REST samples available at [1]


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Thanks Kasun. I am using the WSO2 Developer Studio 2.0.1 (as a Eclipse plugin) to configure ESB in this case. What will this Sample 800 looks like in the Developer Studio? What kind of endpoints, proxies, etc do I need to create? – H. Lo Aug 18 '12 at 1:56

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