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I am trying to create a C extension for ruby. I am very new to development and have only just became familiar with Ruby, so it im really lost.

I have looked at "How to create a C Extension in Ruby in under five minutes" and it makes sense. The problem is that I dont know what program(s) to use to compile the C code and the Ruby code. I have been using text documents for my Ruby programming, so I have never needed to compile them.

If I want to make a C extension (following the model previously mentioned) what IDE do I use, and what file format do I compile to? Also, where do I place the Ruby file and the C compiled file? And finally, will a simple notepad editor work for this Ruby development? Remember, I am new to programming in general, so these questions may appear naive.

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What do you use for Ruby now? – ChiefTwoPencils Aug 13 '12 at 20:15
There are a lot of loosely related questions here. You should definitely learn C properly before you even start with the Ruby C API. Once you've done so, the Ruby C API SO wiki page is useful. – Andrew Marshall Aug 14 '12 at 1:40

Before creating C extensions for Ruby, you really should be familiar with C programming in general. Once you've learned the fundamentals of C, you should be able to easily follow a Ruby extension tutorial.

As for how to learn C, that depends on your platform and what resources you have available.

To answer your specific questions, you can use any C compiler, and you usually compile the source to a .so file, which Ruby can require directly (so the location of the file doesn't really matter).

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