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I have a Paragraph object and wish to convert the inner text it contains into HTML fragments.

I use the Open XML SDK 2.0 from Microsoft.

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    public void GetHTMLOutOfParagraphsWithoutHeadingInformation()

        var paragraphs = new List<Paragraph>();
        StyleDefinitionsPart styles = null;

        // Open the file read-only since we don't need to change it.
        using (var wordprocessingDocument = WordprocessingDocument.Open(documentFileName, true))
            paragraphs = wordprocessingDocument.MainDocumentPart.Document.Body
            styles = wordprocessingDocument.MainDocumentPart.StyleDefinitionsPart;

            foreach (var p in paragraphs)
                using (var memoryStream = new MemoryStream())
                    var doc = WordprocessingDocument.Create(memoryStream, WordprocessingDocumentType.Document);
                    doc.MainDocumentPart.Document = new Document();
                    doc.MainDocumentPart.Document.Body = new Body();

    string GetHTMLOfDoc(WordprocessingDocument doc)

        HtmlConverterSettings settings = new HtmlConverterSettings()
            PageTitle = "Test Title",
            CssClassPrefix = "Pt",
            Css = "",
            ConvertFormatting = false,


        XElement html = HtmlConverter.ConvertToHtml(doc, settings);
        var notNullAnyMore = html.XPathSelectElement("//*[local-name() = 'body']");
        return notNullAnyMore.ToStringNewLineOnAttributes();
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