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I am using curl multi exec in php. I read some urls from db and pass on to curl. These urls also have ids associated to it. When download is completed it is important to know the id associated to it. Could you please tell me is there anyway to pass a variable and curl will return it in the response.

Thanks in advance wantro

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You could just maintain your own data associations for every curl handle.

$associatedData = array();

$ch = curl_init();
$id = (int) $ch; // will yield a unique number because resources have a globally unique numeric id
$associatedData[$id] = array('data' => $foo);

// now add it via curl_multi_add_handle() etc...

Then, later when you're processing the handles, you can lookup the associated data

$id = (int) $ch; 
$data = $associatedData[$id];
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