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I have an OracleDataAdapter that fills my dataset, ds, with 1 row with 2 columns, a primary key and a number. I loop through it to display periodically in a loop box after a triggered event(right now a button press.

For Each DataRow As DataRow In ds.Tables(0).Rows
            listB.Items.Add("ID: " & DataRow("racoreceivedid").ToString())
            listB.Items.Add("Phone: " & DataRow("phone").ToString())
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try

But when I run through this snippet of code more than once I this error: ORA-06550 I originally got this error when trying to fill the dataset but had the wrong variable names in place. I'm not sure why I would get this error again if it runs once already.

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bad naming there: DataRow As DataRow – codingbiz Aug 13 '12 at 20:59
What is the error message? Have you tried to debug the code? – Tim Schmelter Aug 13 '12 at 21:02
The error message I get is from Oracle. ORA-06550: Line1, Column 7: PLS:00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to "POLLSMS" ORA-06550: Line1, Column 7: PL/SQL: Statement ignored It runs the first time fine but there after gives me that. – GoodBoyNYC Aug 14 '12 at 14:27

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