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Is it possible to give a mysql resource to a $_SESSION variable ?

class mySqlDb
    private $link;

    public function __construct($_host = '', $_db = '', $_user = '', $_pwd = '')
           $link = mysql_pconnect(...);

    public function query($data)
           $r = mysql_query($data, $this->link);
           return $r;


$sqlobj = new mySqlDb();
$sqlobj->dbconnect($db_host, $db_name, $db_user, $db_pwd);
$_SESSION['mysqldb'] = $sqlobj;


$sqlobj = $_SESSION['mysqldb'];

$sqlobj->query(...) return

Fatal error: main(): The script tried to execute a method or access a property of an incomplete object. Please ensure that the class definition "mySqlDb" of the object you are trying to operate on was loaded before unserialize() gets called or provide a __autoload() function to load the class definition in D:\apache\www\check.php on line 4`

If I use $_SESSION['mysqldb'] = serialize($sqlobj) and $sqlobj = unserialize($_SESSION['mysqldb']) I have this error:

Warning: mysql_query() expects parameter 2 to be resource, integer given in D:\apache\www\mysqldb.inc.php on line ...

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I don't see why not. But why would you? –  Matt Aug 13 '12 at 21:08
Also, it may not help answer your question, but you should stop using mysql_* functions. They're being deprecated. Instead use PDO (supported as of PHP 5.1) or mysqli (supported as of PHP 4.1). If you're not sure which one to use, read this article. –  Matt Aug 13 '12 at 21:08
Thanks for this advice Matt. –  JEdot Aug 13 '12 at 21:10

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You cannot persist php resources.

That's it - you just cannot. So you need to connect to database each time.

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Ok, so I will connect one time only and cache the data until they are valid. –  JEdot Aug 13 '12 at 21:26

You have this:

$sqlobj = new mySqlDb();

But then you do this:

$_SESSION['mysqldb'] = $sql;

I.e. you're setting $_SESSION['mysqldb'] to an object that doesn't exist. Try $sqlobj instead.

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typo error - edited. –  JEdot Aug 13 '12 at 21:13

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