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I'm on Padrino 0.10.7 and I haven't been able to get Sprockets to recognize Compass in the load path.

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Please enlighten me. – Eric Wright Aug 13 '12 at 21:32

This is the only question on SO I've found on this topic.

Got this working with the following:

Somewhere (I used my app.rb file) you will need the following:

Sass.load_paths << "#{Gem.loaded_specs['compass'].full_gem_path}/frameworks/compass/stylesheets"
Sass.load_paths << "#{Gem.loaded_specs['compass'].full_gem_path}/frameworks/blueprint/stylesheets"

Not sure if there is a simpler way. Feels like there should be. Also, any neat ways of getting image-url() sass method working?

EDIT: There is a way to get image-url working - if you thought the above was messy, add this to your app.rb too...

assets.context_class.class_eval do
  def settings

  include Padrino::Helpers::AssetTagHelpers

(where YourAppName is the name of the module that describes your application, at the top of app.rb)

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