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How can I do the following validation using knockout js? I have the following view model:

function ViewModel () {
        var self = this;
        self.ListName = ko.observable();
        self.Current = ko.observable();
        self.MyVideos = ko.observableArray();

Where MyVideos have the following structure:

                "VideoID": 1,
                "VideoName": "First Video"
                "VideoID": 2,
                "VideoName": "First Video"

So Current and VideoId are the relation, and I want to render the VideoName with the self.Current value.

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It sounds like Current is the VideoId and you want to display the VideoName. For that scenario you could do:

self.CurrentName = ko.computed(function() {
    var currentId = self.Current();

    var currentVideo = ko.utils.arrayFirst(self.MyVideos(), function(video) {
        return currentId === video.VideoId; 

    return currentVideo ? currentVideo.VideoName : 'none';

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You can loosely using this quickly written code. It create a computed to find the first array item and its VideoName property. Of course, add error checking, too.

self.Current = ko.computed(function(){
    return self.MyVideos()[0].VideoName;
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