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For a text like

1" 77568T86 34 
2" 5347A1Q 456

I'd like to return strings 77568Tand 5437A

I'm guessing I want something that begins like \d{4,5}

EDIT: Thanks for all the responses. Unfortunately, nothing is working in notepad++, even though they work with online regex testers.

I think the problem is notepad++'s handling of {} because (\d[A-Z]) finds matches.


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What version of NP++ are you using? Here with V6.1.2 \b\d{4,5}[A-Z] works perfectly. –  Toto Aug 14 '12 at 8:19
I was running an old version. I've got 6.1.5 and everything works now! –  Thalecress Aug 14 '12 at 12:56

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Yes you're on the right track. Just add a single [A-Z] following the number group (use [A-Za-z] if it should be case insensitive).


If it should be preceded by whitespace or some boundary, prepend a \b


I'm not familiar with how Notepad++ handles match capture groups, but it is likely you will want the whole thing surrounded in ()

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You got the number bit right; you just need to add a letter class to the end of your expression:


(this allows upper or lower case; remove the a-z if you only want upper case)

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This should work:


See for yourself

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use this regex (?i)\b\d{4,5}[a-z]

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