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I'm having some difficulty figuring out what is wrong with the following KO setup.

I'm simulating the data I'll be getting from the server (via a hard coded data struct), hence the use of IDs throughout. I'm trying to populate the text of a span and what I've got is an ID that I want to use to lookup the name in the array in the VM.

The same goes for the select - I want the value to be preselected based on the ID.

Thanks in advance.

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In some places you're missing a () when accessing observables, and in your binding strings you were missing $root. prefix for the functions.

Also, the return value from inside a $.each callback only serves to signal the $.each loop to stop (if you return false). You can't return a value from inside the $.each callback and expect it to return a value from the outer function. So I changed your materialById function to the commented version (but added the () for the observableArray).

Here's the updated fiddle:

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