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I have to do some inverse engineering in order to translate a flash web app.

By now, I can assume that all the strings are externalized in JSON URLs that I have identified.

So I wonder if is there a way to change this consumed JSONs for some arbitrary ones defined by me and check the above assumption.

I had the idea to shim the host with the help of the hosts file. But I can do this because I need to change only some resource like this:

and not change all the resources under this domain.

I'm using Windos, Chrome and its dev tools for doing the analysis.

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Use fiddler or another web debugging proxy. Fiddler will let you create rules to change the URL of a request based on the properties of the request.

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Ohhhh thanks with this "web debugging proxy" I google and also find Charles. – sanrodari Aug 13 '12 at 23:04

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