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When I drop a control, such as a Label or a TextBox, on a TableLayoutPanel, it has (among many others, of course) the following properties:


...but these controls don't normally have these properties (IOW, Labels and TextBoxes that are not dropped on the TLP do not have them).

How can I programmatically assign values to these properties (to controls I want to embed within a TLP)?

This is my existing code for the Labels:

. . .
lblName = string.Format("label{0}", i);
var lbl = new Label()
    Name = lblName,
    Parent = tableLayoutPanelPlatypi,
    Column = ColNum, // Doesn't compile; Column property not recognized
    Row = i - 1,     // Doesn't compile; Row property not recognized
    Dock = DockStyle.Fill,
    Margin = 0,
    TextAlign = ContentAlignment.MiddleCenter,
    Text = GettysburgAddressObfuscation()
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You can add them via the TableLayoutPanel's controls Add method:

tableLayoutPanelPlatypi.Controls.Add(lbl, ColNum, i - 1);

or as you pointed out, each property can be set individually:

tableLayoutPanelPlatypi.SetColumn(lbl, ColNum);
tableLayoutPanelPlatypi.SetRow(lbl, i - 1);

The Form's Designer is adding those properties conveniently for you, but if you look inside the designer file at a control that has been added to the TableLayoutPanel, it uses that format above.

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Thanks; this also works: tableLayoutPlatypi.SetColumn(lbl, ColNum); tableLayoutPanelPlatypi.SetRow(lbl, i); ...but I like your way better ("one stop shopping"). –  B. Clay Shannon Aug 13 '12 at 23:23

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