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In my game I need to draw a circle made of squares the sizes of a game tile (circle is made of squares). I could just draw monochrome square textures in form of a jagged circle each frame, but it consumes a significant amount of resources. What I'd like to do is to draw it somewhere in the memory just once and save to draw each frame after that.

I could simply draw said circle myself and use it as a ready texture, but my circle is not always the same. It has different size throughout the game (and it's not really a circle half of the time, but I've got the algo that says where to draw), so it has to be drawn programmatically.

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First you render the circle to a custom RenderTarget2D. You can set a custom render target like this:


After rendering your circle to the render target cast it to a Texture2D like this:

texture = (Texture2D)renderTarget;

Read more: http://www.riemers.net/eng/Tutorials/XNA/Csharp/Series3/Render_to_texture.php

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Please note that, in XNA 4.0, a RenderTarget2D is a Texture2D (and you can use it as such) and that casting it doesn't actually do anything. Unless you actually copy it to a a new Texture2D (using a combination of GetData and SetData) and use that instead, it is possible that your RenderTarget2D will be lost (triggering its ContentLost event and setting IsContentLost to true). – Andrew Russell Aug 14 '12 at 8:58

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