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I recently organized the project folder for my Mac app, which contains over 40 custom classes. I organized these classes by putting them in folders.

After making Xcode aware of the new file locations, I ran my app. The following was logged...

Unknown Window class TSDirectoryWindow in Interface Builder file,
 creating generic Window instead

I went into the compile sources, removed every file, then added them back (thinking maybe the compiler was still looking at the old locations). No luck.

I'm semi-new to Mac/Objective-C development, and I'm starting to think organizing my files was a bad idea. For all I know, this could be a big no-no. It appears to be a issue with every nib, as I get the same message when MainMenu is the main interface,

Unknown class 'TSAppDelegate', using 'NSObject' instead. Encountered in Interface Builder file at path 

Any ideas on how I can get this fixed? Thank you for your time!

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I was adding the files to the linker for the "MyAppTests" target, not the application itself. Whoops.

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