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I'm new to Ruby and Haml, so I"m going around in circles on this. Googling isn't giving me any sample code I can use.

I can use the select_tag and populate the list from a table. But I can't figure out how to use a simple static list of items. Can someone change this to be proper Haml? Note: the source table is 'email' and the field is 'status'.

= select_tag(:email, :status, {"canceled", "pending", "success"})

I'm looking to get a dropdown list that just has the items "canceled, pending, success" in it.

The error I get is odd number list for Hash._hamlout.format_script...

Update: I found some sample code that seemed to be what I need, and it doesn't give any errors, but the dropdown box is empty:

= select_tag(:email, :status,{ "canceled" => "1", "pending" => "2", "success"=>"3"})

Here is the HTML it produces:

<select female="2" male="1" id="email" name="email">status </select >
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You are using the tag helper rather than the object-oriented helper. Use select

I'd also recommend using options_for_select. Like so:

= select(:email, :status, options_for_select([["canceled", "1"], ["pending", "2"], ["success", "3"]]))


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Got it working! I need to use "Select" instead of "Select_tag". :-)

= select(:email, :status,{ "canceled" => "canceled", "pending" => "pending", "success"=>"success"})

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