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In my Codeigniter controllers I want to link to things like AWS SDK, Facebook SDK, etc.

Currently I'm just setting it up with requre_once('./path_to_sdk/....');

My hunch is there's a more correct way of doing this, for instance I know there is a "third_party" folder in CodeIgniter under /application.

Could anyone offer some suggestions or guidance on best practices in this situation?

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The correct way is to follow PSR-0 from the PHP Framework Interop Group.

This suggests that your directory should be structured in a /path/to/app/lib/vendor/class/ format. So each separate vendor should have its own tree in your lib directory. That means you should have ../lib/CodeIgnitor, ../lib/AWS/, '../lib/Facebook/, etc. Each vendor should also be adhering to PSR-0 for their class names.

Doing things this way assures you can clone a vendor's directory at upgrade time without overwriting another vendor's files.

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I put all of my third party SDKs and libraries in the libraries directory.

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