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I'm new on this, so sorry if I'm not clear.

My question is, why does the information shown in Yago browser for Nagoya University of Arts differ from the one in here or making a SPARQL query on the Yago endpoint like

 <http://yago-knowledge.org/resource/Nagoya_University_of_Arts> ?p ?v .


To be more precise, for example, in the web browser there are much more type than in the other ones.

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I'm not sure what endpoint you're using for YAGO. Try the DBpedia endpoint here, which has at least some of YAGO loaded. I get several YAGO types for this query:

 <http://dbpedia.org/resource/Nagoya_University_of_Arts> ?p ?v .
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I'm using the endpoint given in here. What annoys me is that I can't make specific querys like, "give me all the university in Yago", as that information is only shown in the browser. I'm also executing the equivalent querys on DBpedia, but I need both results. Thanks anyway! –  yuka_mustang Aug 14 '12 at 21:01
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