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I've a jsp with below lines:

    <li><a id="iso3_dan" href="/?lang=iso3:dan&locale=iso3:dan">Dansk</a></li>
    <li><a id="iso3_deu" href="/?lang=iso3:deu&locale=iso3:DEU">Deutsch</a></li>

Its basically used to show the language drop-down. Now, I need to make the URL in such a way that it'll append the current page action as well.

I'm using Struts 2

In browser, if I hit admin menu, the url changes to


if I hit marketing menu, it changes to


Now, what I need to do is that I need to append this /admin & /marketing actions in the language. So, if you're on Marketing page, I need to pass the marketing action as shown below:

<a id="iso3_dan" href="/marketing?lang=iso3:dan&locale=iso3:dan">Dansk</a>
<a id="iso3_deu" href="/marketing?lang=iso3:deu&locale=iso3:DEU">Deutsch</a>

If you're on admin page, I need to pass that current action as shown below:

<a id="iso3_dan" href="/admin?lang=iso3:dan&locale=iso3:dan">Dansk</a>
<a id="iso3_deu" href="/admin?lang=iso3:deu&locale=iso3:DEU">Deutsch</a>

How do I pass current action in JSP? I tried below:

<a id="iso3_deu" href="<%= request.getRequestURL() %>/?lang=iso3:deu&locale=iso3:DEU">Deutsch</a>

But this did not work. How do I get the path of just the action without adding any Javascript code?

Note: I cannot use Javascript because of search engine optimizations. Otherwise, javscript function document.location.pathname solves this issue.

Any help is much appreciated!!


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I believe admin or marketing are name of your action which has been mapped to there respected action classes. If this is the case Struts2 provides a way to access the action name using ActionContext.

you can create a utility method in your action class/Base action class something like

public String getActionName() {
        ActionContext a = ActionContext.getContext();
        Object value = a.getName();
        return value;

ActionContext provide a reference to the context and you will be able to get action name as well many other valuable information there in the stack.

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You can get action path in your controller and pass to jsp, so forward to jsp url like :


and output parameter in jsp.

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That does not work...It gives JSP path & I want action in the URL... – Mike Aug 14 '12 at 2:43
Okay,if you want to get action path, you can get action path in controller and passed to jsp. – Jason Aug 14 '12 at 2:45

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