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I have searched some posts and cannot find what the maximum filesize is under iPhone.

As the above posts said, the maximum filesize depends on the free disk space. So, can I store everything into sqlite file and it's filesize can exceed 4GB or 10GB ?

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Not sure about the correct answer But, the largest app on my phone is Spotify, with 3.6GB. I believe, its the available disk space that decides the max size of the file . – Nitin Alabur Aug 14 '12 at 3:41
iOS is internally 32 bit OS system. At max it can distinguish memory address of size power(2,32) - 1 , which is 4 GB. So you should be fine with that much size at max theoretically. – Apurv Aug 14 '12 at 4:06
@Apurv That has nothing to do with the hard disk. That will only be relevant if the OP tries to load the entire database into memory, at which point it would be killed long before it reached 4 GB (seeing how the max allowed memory use on the newest device, iPad 3, is 650 MB) – borrrden Aug 14 '12 at 4:31
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According to the following links I found,

  1. Mac OS, HFS File System volumn and file limits
  2. iOS filesystem, HFSX
  3. HFS, Wiki

As the first link said, "The theoretical maximum file size for a Mac OS Extended file system is millions of terabytes. In practice, the maximum file size is equivalent to the maximum volume size, except for a small amount of disk space reserved for file system information."

Because the maximum filesize is euqal to the maximum volumn size, and consider the factor about the free disk space. so, in my conclusion, the maximum size of single file depends on the free disk space.

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