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I am not good with programming and english, and I'm 40++ .I have few questions about PHP PDO and Multi Select stuff..

I've created a multi select menu in a form, which invoke the value from database like this:-

<select multiple=multiple id="imsohot">


echo '<option value="$row[id]">';



and It works fine.

I also created a new file to process the form to submit the data to database and it worked for normal database insertion, and it look something like this :-

$qry="query goes here";


stmt->bindParam(1, $_POST['varname']);


My Question is: But how do I submit values into database when it doesn't have fixed array? like to submit the #imsohot multiselect menu when certain data is selected.

And regarding my question, which of these 2 links would solve my problem?



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The answer is neither :)

To save your data to the database using PDO, you must first prime your SQL statement. This example of PDO::exec() shows what you're trying to do.

Notice how it runs through PDO::prepare() and PDO::execute() using a while loop. All you need to do is use your form's data where he passes $data in.

HTH :)

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Thank you, this going to take sometime to understand. –  The Power in the Right Hand Aug 14 '12 at 4:46
Thank you sir, Just what I'm looking for. –  The Power in the Right Hand Sep 3 '12 at 2:17

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