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I'm not sure how to get the rows I need in EF. In SQL it would look something like this:

SELECT * FROM [Recipes] 
JOIN [UserFavorites] ON [UserFavorites].[RecipeId] = [Recipes].[Id]
WHERE [UserFavorites].[UserId] = @UserId

I know how to get the userfavorites that match the user id like this:

db.UserFavorites.Where(x => x.UserId == userId

But then how do I get all of the recipes that match the recipeIds inside of those userfavorites?

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You can either use LINQ and construct a query:

var recipes = from r in db.Recipes
              join f in db.UserFavorites on r.Id equals f.RecipeId
              where f.UserId = userId
              select r

or you can use the lambda syntax with navigation properties, assuming you have them set up for the relationships in question

var recipes = db.Recipes.Where(r => r.UserFavorites.Any(f => f.UserId == userId));

You can, of course, construct the actual query that's described in the first section using the equivalent lambda syntax (since the query syntax is just a language feature that compiles down to the equivalent calls to the extension methods using anonymous delegates), but that tends to be a little more difficult to read.

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How about:

var recipes = context.Recipes
                  .SelectMany(r => r.Users, (r, u) => new { Recipe = r, User = u }
                  .Where(o => o.User.UserId = userId)
                  .Select(o => o.Recipe);

This implies UserFavorites is the intersection table between Recipes and Users

Recipes >- UserFavorites -< Users
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