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I am using Catalyst and DBIx::Class::TimeStamp and I have one of my ResultSet classes configured to set a DateTime column to the current time whenever a row is inserted:


   start_time => { data_type => 'datetime', set_on_create => 1 }

A time is inserted whenever a row is created, however it's about 6 hours in the future. Whenever I insert a time using MySQL and its NOW() function, it gets the time right. Does anyone know why this is occurring? I'm developing on a mac, if that helps. Thanks!

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DBIx::Class::TimeStamp uses DateTime->now for getting time, so result depends on your computer settings. But MySQL’s NOW() result depends on MySQL settings. See time zone settings on your computer, your database server, and MySQL.

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You could always just override the get_timestamp column in the Result class and return a DateTime object with the correct timezone set. For example:

package My::Schema::Result::MyTable;

# ... snip ...

sub get_timestamp {
    return DateTime->now( time_zone => "GMT" );
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To the start time hash, add:

timezone => 'local'

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