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Is there anything wrong with defaulting a boolean field to nil rather than false with an ActiveRecord migration for use with Postgres?

I like how it gives a small bit of extra data- whether or not that field has been marked as true or false yet.

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Depends if your field actually has three states (true, false, unknown) or just two (true, false). –  mu is too short Aug 14 '12 at 4:00
I don't actually depend on the third "unknown" state, just an interesting piece of data I can check up on. The way I check boolean vals isn't thrown off by the use of nil. –  bevanb Aug 14 '12 at 4:06
Don't do it if you don't need it. My policy is to make everything NOT NULL unless I have a good reason for allowing NULLs, things go easier that way. –  mu is too short Aug 14 '12 at 4:35
sounds like sound advice –  bevanb Aug 14 '12 at 5:04

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there is nothing to stop you from using nil on boolean - but I personally like my booleans to be true or false, i've found that having nil can lead to some ugly code

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