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I have a table of Meters. And then a table of Meter Readings (which has a reference to the Meter table, as well as a column for Date and a column for the reading value). The idea being that for each day one would record the reading for a given meter. Using a List and Details screen, I can select a meter in the List section, and then the details section displays the Readings associated with the selected Meter. So to add a new day's Readings, the user would select a Meter, and then in the New Row of the Readings Grid, enter the new date and reading. However, what I would like to achieve is the following: To have a grid, where each row represents a day, and where each column represents a Meter. That way it will make for quicker user entry to add a new day, and then going across the columns, enter the day's reading for each Meter. Is this possible in Lightswitch? Any pointers as to a good approach for this?

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Yes, that's possible with a custom control. I have build something similar for visualizing room reservations. Basically, it's quite similar to your setup: you have a parent child relationship where in the child table you have "time-line field". You can find more details here: http://blog.pragmaswitch.com/?p=318 Of course, it's not exactly what you want, but I hope it can give you kind of direction.

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