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I have table television, it has field createdDate.

Now I want to take all televisions which are created: |NOW - createdDate| < 10 (days), for example.

How can I do this in solr?

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Check out date-math-now-and-filter-queries

You can create query fq=createdDate:[NOW-10DAY TO NOW] to filter out the documents.
The debug query would be created as createdDate:[1344059617705 TO 1344923617705]

In solrconfig.xml you can use the below with the request handler :-

  <lst name="appends">
     <str name="fq">createdDate:[NOW-10DAY TO NOW]</str>
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Thanks for your help. If I use fq as parameter in url, it works fine. But when I use fq field in solrconfig.xml, it doesn't work if I don't pass fq as parameter in url. May you help me? –  Bood Carley Aug 14 '12 at 8:02
I realize that I must restart my server. Thanks! –  Bood Carley Aug 14 '12 at 11:55

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