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I have three dropdowns with the same option value I want to remove selected option value from 2nd and 3rd dropdown when the value is selected in first dropdown.

But problems comes when I change the new option value in first dropdown then previous selected value also remove from second and third dropdown

I want that when option value selected in first dropdown then should shows all value in second and third drop down expect selected value.

please help me

jquery code

    var select_box=$("#select_period").val();
    if(select_box =='select'){

    } else {
        if($(this).val() == select_box )$('#period_field option[value="'+select_box+'"]').remove();
        if($(this).val() == select_box )$('#fav_period option[value="'+select_box+'"]').remove();
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    var firstSelect = $(this);

    var value = $(this).find(':selected').value();
        if(firstSelect = $(this))

        $(this).find('option[value=' + value +']').hide();

How does that work for you? It isn't restricted to just the first select, if a value is selected from any of the dropdowns, the others will hide options of that value

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See this fiddle

You can optimize it further by combining the last two statements, but that should get you started

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