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I am calling a method from another class, this method returns a NSMutableArray however I am not sure how to receive the returned data from the method...

I call it like this

ResultItem *resultItem = [[ResultItem alloc] init];
[resultItem startSortingTheArray:myObjectArray];

Then inside the ResultItem class I am setting the method like this

- (NSMutableArray *)startSortingTheArray:(NSMutableArray *)unsortedArray
//... blaa blaa blaaa then....
return unsortedArray; // how do I capture this value in the other class I called it from?
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- (NSMutableArray *)startSortingTheArray:(NSMutableArray *)unsortedArray

method provides you an NSMutableArray in return...just store it in a variable!!

NSMutableArray *val=[resultItem startSortingTheArray:myObjectArray];
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wow.. surprised I didn't know this till now... feel like a who new world of possibilities has opened up.. thanks very much. – HurkNburkS Aug 14 '12 at 20:38
You must go through basics first :) cause the capabilities are limitless and to achive it u should have the floor to stand – Lithu T.V Aug 15 '12 at 8:08

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