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I am using the vaadin plugin for grails, and am trying to define some custom styles. Where within my grails appliction should I put the .css? My Vaadin application is in /vaadin/ I have tried creating a /vaadin/themes/mytheme/ folder and then putting my styles.css file in there, but still had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. New to grails and new to vaadin, and am pulling my hair out over small stuff like this and can't get any of the actual legwork done until I can figure these things out..

Any way of doing inline styling would be fine with me too, at this point. I really just need some way to write explicit style..


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You need to put it into /web-app/VAADIN/themes/mytheme

You can have a look at the completed addressbook tutorial (with added Gorm and Spring Security Core support)

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