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I am developing a tutorial website in which I want to display textual as well as video tutorial for users. To enter information and for formatting purpose I have used bootstrap-wysihtml5-rails editor. Using this editor I am able to add links, images and perform all basic functionality. Now I want to add a button in the editor to add a video link which help me to add video path of my local video storage. I searched through many links but could not get the solution as required for my problem. By the way m using rails 3.2.2. Any help is appreciable. Thanks in advance.

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line 4798 wysihtml5.js change it like this:

return elementOrHtml //turn off parser//  isString ? wysihtml5.quirks.getCorrectInnerHTML(element) : element;

Original line:

return isString ? wysihtml5.quirks.getCorrectInnerHTML(element) : element; 

will turn off the parser at all.


function parse(elementOrHtml, rules, context, cleanUp) {...
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Thanks! This works in that I can now embed video. What side effects does turning off parser have? –  user2681403 Jan 12 at 13:46
none, the client side parser is not necessary at all, if you want to parse input do it at server side. (check i forgot the ; at the end) it is: return elementOrHtml; –  Ricardo Lerch Apr 11 at 15:52

I think this is what you're looking for. I think it only works in IE > 8 though.


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Hey thanks ped!! I asked this question many days ago but couldn't find any solution, I had also tried this solution but no achievement, so I tried a new editor ie tinymce it contain all the features. Video embedding is a easy process and many more feature are there. –  DSH Sep 6 '12 at 13:28
Yeah, i know what you mean. I'm looking into using redactorjs.com –  Ped Sep 6 '12 at 17:18
Okay, but redactor editor does not fit into the licensing mode we are looking for (MIT, Apache etc.).... :( –  DSH Sep 7 '12 at 9:09

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