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I have the following path to my asp.net (with mvc) project:


I have installed msdeploy from here (no settings were made).

In Visual Studio 2010, right click on project-> Build Deployment package. Until now is ok.

If I open the ZIP package I see the strange path to my project necessary files for IIS.


Are there any way to change that path for deploy source files or it is unchangeable ?

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I think you need to set this in your project file:

<!-- Must be after Microsoft.WebApplication.targets import -->
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Note that "right click on project->Build Deployment package" in Visual Studio 2010 has become "right click on project->Publish..." in Visual Studio 2013.

How to: Deploy a Web Application Project Using a Web Deployment Package on MSDN provides details on publishing a deployment package in VS 2013.

To publish a deployment package in VS 2013, I created a custom publish profile named Local Package, then chose the Web Deploy Package publish method - screenshots below:

VS 2013 Web Publish - Profile

VS 2013 Web Publish - Connection

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