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I've installed the Galileo release (Eclipse 3.5/CDT 5.1) in hopes of utilizing the better refactoring support mentioned in


However I do not see all the mentioned refactoring options listed. I don't see any plug-ins related to refactoring on


Attempts to add the plugin directly from the refactoring site fails http://ifs.hsr.ch/cdtrefactoring/updatesite/ due to outdated dependencies, so I'm assuming the newest release should have the latest refactoring abilities.

Am I correct in this?

How do others refactor in Eclipse CDT? Do people use other tools/plugins?

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Anybody find out anything more about this? –  leeand00 Dec 17 '09 at 20:02

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You should install CDT 6.0. However, my guess is that the options mentioned in the question you linked are not yet ready for mainline.

My CDT offers Rename, Extract Variable/Constant/Function, Hide Method.

From those, I only use Rename regularly, the others do not yet seem finished.

One of the problems with such tools for C++ is that the language is way more complex than other languages (think templates, macros etc.) so implementing such a tool needs tremendously more effort than for, say, Java.

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