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My code is: (sensitive info removed)

SpreadsheetService service = new SpreadsheetService("MySpreadsheetIntegration-v1");
// service.setUserCredentials(<email>, <pw>);

GoogleOAuthParameters oauthParameters = new GoogleOAuthParameters();

service.setOAuthCredentials(oauthParameters, new OAuthHmacSha1Signer());

// Define the URL to request. This should never change.

// Make a request to the API and get all spreadsheets.
SpreadsheetFeed feed = service.getFeed(SPREADSHEET_FEED_URL, SpreadsheetFeed.class);
List<SpreadsheetEntry> spreadsheets = feed.getEntries();

// Iterate through all of the spreadsheets returned
for (SpreadsheetEntry spreadsheet : spreadsheets) {
// Print the title of this spreadsheet to the screen


WARNING: Authentication error: Unable to respond to any of these challenges: {authsub=WWW-Authenticate: AuthSub realm=""}

and Token invalid - AuthSub token has wrong scope

I tried clientLogin method (setUserCredentials(, )) and that works fine. I also know my OAuthConsumerKey, OAuthConsumerSecret, OAuthToken and OAuthTokenSecret work, cos I access a different feed using them (picasa) I have tried setting different combinations of the above 3 scopes, but no luck. I have seen this and this, but again, no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Take a look at this answer.

Try to delete the following directory:


After what run the program again, it's gonna make a callback and ask you to grant permissions for your application in Google Console and now it's gonna work properly.

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