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I have a webapp hosted in a webpage, I access the page using url,this page has a text box and start button.can i pass a value in the text box and click the start button automatically by using Perl script.

I have used WWW::Mechanize module. I am able to get data from webpage but not able to set to anything back on the page. I am not able to achieve the click functionality also.

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This sounds to me like you are trying to fill out a form in a web page. This is possible by fetching the forms of the page via the forms method and then use the resulting HTML::Form objects.

If you already know, exactly what the form values will be named, you can also use the submit_form(with_fields => {…}) method to send the form directly without iterating through the forms of the web page. An example of how to do that is found in the synopsis of the WWW::Mechanize documentation.

If you need JavaScript, see the WWW::Mechanize FAQ, section JavaScript: Which modules work like Mechanize and have JavaScript support?

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WWW:Selenium, WWW::Mechanize::Firefox – Zaid Aug 14 '12 at 8:55

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