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trying to follow

eclipse set up, project in workspace, but when I run with the debug configuration:

Failed to connect to Standalone V8 VM Timed out waiting for handshake

Also, i have multiple .js files. How does Eclipse V8 plugin know which one is the server script for Node?

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Use distinct ports per node script. I.E. 5858 for the first script and 5859 for the second.

node --debug-brk=5858 MyApp1.js
node --debug-brk=5859 MyApp2.js
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i understand how to debug using command line, but don't know about eclipse. what if there is a app.js that contains the main server and another script in the same directory (./script2.js) that is a requirement for app.js? How will eclipse/v8 distinguish? – ejang Aug 16 '12 at 5:51
It doesnt need to because eclipse does not start the node process for you. The debugger is a stand-alone application that connects to your node process via a specified TCP-Port. – Chris Aug 16 '12 at 9:16

I had a similar issue with Eclipse. I found I actually had another process listening on port 5858. The following command shows me the processes on port 5858:

sudo lsof -i | grep 5858
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