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I'm looking for a JAVA library to parse & evaluate expression. I searched and tried some libraries like Apache's JEXL and Jeval, but they are not exactly when I need.

My requirements:

  1. Support all value types (i.e. int,double,boolean,String, etc.)
  2. Support all known mathematical & logical operators (+,-,*,<,<=,etc.)
  3. Support variables (without any special notation - for example in Jeval variable a should be written like #{a} - not good enough for me)
  4. Support custom functions - with type enforcement and validation

Any recommendations?

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Have you considered the built-in Java Script engine? – EJP Aug 14 '12 at 7:23

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Try Janino. It's a runtime in-memory compiler that can be used as an expression evaluator. Maybe it is the right thing for you.

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That is really an impressive library, at least from what they claim to be able to do – Lukas Eder Aug 14 '12 at 7:35

Like suggested, you can use JavaScript. But also you could take a look at Spring EL which has support for your requirements.

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Here would be a couple of workaround solutions that you could choose from, if you don't find an actual Java expression evaluation library:

  • Evaluate your expressions using XPath.
    • Pros: XPath knows logical operators, and you can implement variables and custom functions using Xalan's extensions
    • Cons: XPath has fewer types than Java
  • Evaluate your expressions using JavaScript.
    • Pros: Javascript is very flexible and will still be suitable when your requirements tighten. You can implement variables and custom functions using Javascript as well
    • Cons: Javascript has fewer types than Java
  • Evaluate your expressions using JSP's expression language (e.g. with JUEL)
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