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How to execute rails commandline statement inside our rails controller

eg: I need to execute this statement

$rails new test -d postgresql

from my rails controller

def index

/Code to execute the command line statement/


Hope am clear..

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If you want to run shell commands inside controller just use "system"


system "rails new test -d postgresql"

or else

exec "rails new test -d postgresql"
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basic.. shouldve tried ! :-) thanks .. ! – Yothesh Aug 14 '12 at 10:09
Hi, Am not able to create a new rails application inside the controller of existing application. I get the following error: Can't initialize a new Rails application within the directory of another, please change to a non-Rails directory first. Type 'rails' for help. – Yothesh Aug 31 '12 at 6:40

Use backticks to shell out, like this:
`rails new test -d postgresql`

It might be smarter to use a job queue for this.

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To run command line statements inside controller, we can use system command

system "cd {path_to_folder}; rails new test -d postgresql"
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