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I am trying to use external link( in phonegap using cordova2.0.0

It works fine for this local

self.viewController.wwwFolderName = @"www";
self.viewController.startPage = @"index.html";

But showing error ERROR:Start Page at '' was not found. for below

self.viewController.wwwFolderName = @"";
self.viewController.startPage = @"login.html";

How can i use external link in iPhone. Moreover this external link is working fine in android phonegap.

Thanks in advance.

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Did u add the url in plist file, if no try this

Go to the plist file (in xcode /Supporting Files/cordova.plist) ,You need to add the string as a child node of ExternalHosts. To do this, first click on the little arrow to the left of the ExternalHosts label so that the arrow points downwards (this is crucial). Then right-click on the ExternalHosts label and click on "Add Row". Then set the new row value to whatever you want

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Thank you.Its working fine. –  Humayun Kabir Aug 18 '12 at 6:47

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