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I have the following issue and I'm a bit new to Phonegap! On my index page I have three functions that will create a Javascript Prompt asking the user for their name, email and title (position) and store each to the localStorage. Three items like this:

function promptName(){
  var salesPName = prompt("Bitte geben Sie Ihren Namen","");
  if(salesPName == null || salesPName == ""){
    localStorage.setItem("salesP", salesPName);

Then using $(document).ready I call these three functions:


This is all working well, however when deploying to my Android device I get the prompts but before I can complete all three I get an error dialog stating:

The connection to the server was unsuccessful (file:///android_asset/www/appname/index.html)

Removing the prompts removes the error but I need this functionality. I have tried different ways of calling the functions, for example on the body tag's onload event or using .load(). I still get this error. I thought about setting a Javascript interval to call this after a few seconds (once the page is loaded) as I'm sure the problem is due to Javascript's blocking nature. Has anyone come across this before?

Please note that I added the following to the file (as advised from phonegap, connection to server unsuccessful)

super.setIntegerProperty("loadUrlTimeoutValue", 10000); 

And I still get the problem!

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with nothing working I put a setTimeout() around my condition like so...


        setTimeout(function (){if(!localStorage.getItem("salesP")){
            // item doesn't exist... so let's raise some dialogs to capture the name, email address and title
        }, 5000)


now it works fine... a bit of a fudge but so what, if anyone has any ideas on a better solution or any objections to this please let me know

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