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Is there an API to get the name of the current test in fitnesse.NET code? My fixture class inherits fitlibrary.SequenceFixture.

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There is no formal way, however you could write a method (or property) in your fixture like:

public string FixtureIsOfType()
    return this.GetType();

and then if it is a SequenceFixture call this in the fitnesse page like so

|show|fixture is of type|

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You can use variable ${PAGE_NAME} . On Test Page the name of the page will be here. SetUp/TearDown sub pages will use the parent page name, e.g. you can use this define on the SetUp:

!define myVariable {preffix_${PAGE_NAME}_suffix}

Then the actual test name will be used in the you variable.

Also you can create "void Init(string testName)" function and pass this variable in the SetUp.

See here for details.

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