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I don't need a supervisor for some specific application I develop. Is it ok to not to use one?

The doc says about the start/2 that

"should return {ok,Pid} or {ok,Pid,State} where Pid is the pid of the top supervision"

so I'm not sure if it is OK not to start a supervisor and to return some invalid pid (I tried and nothing bad happened)

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Returning an {ok, self()} or something similar works fine until you start doing release upgrades. At that point, you'll need to use a supervisor with an empty child list. (The application and supervisor behaviours don't have colliding callback functions, so you can put both in the same module.)

Just to make sure: you are doing some kind of initialisation in your application module's start callback function, right? If not, you can just remove the mod directive from the .app file and the callback won't even be called, and thus there will be no supervisor, real or fake.

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