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I have a listView with my own item delegate.

In this delegate I use QStyleOptionProgressBarV2 for drawing a progress bar.

My application also has a style sheet where a progress bar style is defined.

If I add a simple progress bar to QMainWindow it is styled as set in the application style sheet but a progress bar which is drawn with QStyleOptionProgressBarV2 has default style.

Update 1

QStyleOptionProgressBarV2 *myProgressBarStyle; // inited in constructor of delegat max and minimumvalues also set there
void QAPPItemDelegat::paint( QPainter                    * painter,
                          const QStyleOptionViewItem  & option,
                          const QModelIndex           & index) const
    const QStyle * style( QApplication::style( ) );
    QStyle::State progressBarState( option.state );
    if( isPaused ) progressBarState = QStyle::State_None;
    progressBarState |= QStyle::State_Small;
    QRect progArea( statusArea );
    progArea.moveTop( barArea.y( ) + barArea.height( ) );
    myProgressBarStyle->rect = barArea;
    if ( isDownloading ) {
        myProgressBarStyle->palette.setBrush( QPalette::Highlight, blueBrush );
        myProgressBarStyle->palette.setColor( QPalette::Base, blueBack );
        myProgressBarStyle->palette.setColor( QPalette::Background, blueBack );
    else if ( isUploading ) {
        myProgressBarStyle->palette.setBrush( QPalette::Highlight, greenBrush );
        myProgressBarStyle->palette.setColor( QPalette::Base, greenBack );
        myProgressBarStyle->palette.setColor( QPalette::Background, greenBack );
    myProgressBarStyle->state = progressBarState;

    style->drawControl( QStyle::CE_ProgressBar, myProgressBarStyle, painter );

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Maybe show us some code? –  Blood Aug 15 '12 at 14:38
here is some code –  Ruslan F. Aug 15 '12 at 18:13

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