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I've had a look around on google for hours about this problem and I still can't seem to find anything.

We have just set up a local dev server at work, which we want to store the git repositories on. I could sit here and explain for days why and how,. but ultimately this is what i want the workflow to be:

  • Dev works on their copy
  • Commits to dev (or staging server)
  • Live server 'pulls' from staging server.

In my mind, the staging server will need to be online and such for it to work - is this correct? Or is there a way we can pull from the live server via a reverse SSH or something (i've just made that up).

Sorry - i'm a noob to Git and server stuff, so please be gentle :)

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Is the staging server a live installation of your application or is it just a remote repository for your codebase? – Christopher Aug 14 '12 at 12:33
The staging server is a live installation - so managers and other devs can preview the site before it is put live – mikestreety Aug 14 '12 at 15:58
Is it a requirement that the staging installation also dooe double duty as a remote repository, or can the main remote for the project exist on a different system? – Christopher Aug 14 '12 at 16:28
We want to avoid it being on the live server - and while we have this internal server at our disposal, it seems to logical solution – mikestreety Aug 15 '12 at 7:26

There are probably people better than me at server config. But what I know, you can play on your own machine first:

  • Create a repo in a folder called "liveserver" for example

  • Clone it as bare repo in a folder called "devserver". This one is not made to be modified directly.

  • Now clone it as non-bare in folders called "user1", "user2" and commit, pull, push data from them and see what happens on your devserver and liveserver.

As for the SSH config of the servers, I know I used github documentation when I had a problem once (since that's their job, they explain it well) but honestly I never really worked on that part

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Here several random thoughts on this:

  • You can use the same repository for live and development. And one branch will be live and another will be development. You can easy merge between these two branches within one repository. No pushing / pulling will be required.
  • You can setup two repositories one for live, another for development in two folders on one server. And push / pull between them without using SSH, just locally.
  • If you're plan to use two servers with SSH, probably you will find following article interesting.

But frankly if there are no special requirements on security of the workflow (i.e. separating live and development into two physical locations) I believe first approach will be just fine to stultify your needs — this is the way how branches intended to be used.

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