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I am trying to plot two variables: Eeff vs Neff using xyplot function of lattice package. I would like to know how to add an line to this scatter plot (which is abline function in normal R graphic system).

xyplot(Neff ~ Eeff, data = phuong,
       xlab = "Energy efficiency (%)", 
       ylab = "Nitrogen efficiency (%)")
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What have you tried? Have you tried adding something like panel = function(x, y) { panel.abline(lm(y ~ x)) } to your xyplot? –  Ananda Mahto Aug 14 '12 at 10:00

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The lattice package has several "panel functions", one of which is panel.abline.

Try this and see if it gives you what you're looking for:

xyplot(Neff ~ Eeff, data = phuong,
       panel = function(x, y) {
         panel.xyplot(x, y)
         panel.abline(lm(y ~ x))
       xlab = "Energy efficiency (%)", 
       ylab = "Nitrogen efficiency (%)")
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The code needs a comma after the curly brace: so it's panel = function(x, y) { ... } , xlab = .... –  ricardo Apr 5 '13 at 23:40

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