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I want to know if there is a solution to achieve something like this, where a stylesheet, only styles a part of the page.

<link href="/Content/stylesheet.css" for="OnlyApplyStylesWithinHere" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<div id="OnlyApplyStylesWithinHere">

I know that i can do this from within the stylesheet itself, but that is not possible in my scenario.

Can this effect be done with Javascript/Jquery maybe?

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possible duplicate of making different syle sheets apply to different areas of the page – Quentin Aug 14 '12 at 10:32
I sugggest you to declare the css to specify to only child of #OnlyApplyStylesWithinHere to work only child of its, like #ApplyStyle .child will work with only child's class tag in ApplyStyle's id – whytobe Aug 14 '12 at 10:48

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I made this plugin witch does what you want, if the stylesheet dosn't break the same origin policy.

You can use it like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="..." data-wrapper="#mySelector" />

<style data-wrapper="#mySelector">
    .ninja { 
        visibility: hidden;

And again after initialize:



    (function($) {
        var $styleSheet = $("<style type='text/css'/>").appendTo("head");

        function getStyle( $element, callback ) {
        function getLink( $element, callback ) {
            $.get($element.attr("href"), function( style ) {
        function appendStyle( style ) {
            $styleSheet.text(function(i, text) {
                return text + "\n" + style;

        function wrapStyle( element, selector ) {
            var $element = $(element);

            if ( $"style") ) {
                getStyle( $element, callback );
            } else {
                getLink( $element, callback );

            function callback( style ) {
                if ( style ) {
                    style = ("" + style).replace(/([^}]+){/g, function(match) {
                        var matches = match.split(","),
                            i = 0,
                            len = matches.length;

                        for ( ; i < len; i++ ) {
                            matches[i] = selector + " " + $.trim(matches[i])

                        match = matches.join(",");

                        return match;



        $(function() {
            $("link[rel='stylesheet'][data-wrapper], style[data-wrapper]").each(function() {
                wrapStyle( this, this.getAttribute("data-wrapper") );
        $.fn.addWrapperToStyle = function( wrapper ) {
            return this.each(function() {
                wrapStyle(this, wrapper);

Im not sure about cross browser compatibility. But you can try...

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Wow this is great! I will test this later today and give you an update with the browser compatibility! – BjarkeCK Aug 14 '12 at 12:26
@BjarkeCK - Whats the status on browser compatibility? – dev-null Aug 15 '12 at 9:47

There is a HTML5 feature for this called scoped stylesheets; it is part of the WHATWG draft, but browser support is nonexistent (Chrome supports it via about:flags, but there is no out-of-the-box support). You can use this javascript plugin to make it work.

Alternatively, if server-side rewrite of the stylesheet is possible, you can use something like SASS:

#my-section {
    @import "local-copy-of-the-stylesheet.scss";
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Check if media attribute helps you. media="handheld" will not define css only for apple but for all small screen device.

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we can put styles in 3 ways,


put all your styles inside the same html page, withing style tag


by giving reference for the stylesheet at head section, in html page


this can be done using style attribute for the html element i,e. <div style="some styles"></div>

i think anyone of the above can solve your doubt.

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I don't believe what you are requesting is possible.

However one hacky method would be to put this HTML markup into a seperate file, with the stylesheet linked in the head and then include this in your original file using an iframe.

   <link href="[main stylesheet" />
   <link href="[this page only stylesheet]" />

Like I say, its hacky, but I think its the only approach without changing the stylesheet.

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