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We are new to NoSQL and now are starting on a project that aims to record sensor data from many different sensors, each recording a timestamp - value pair, into a cloud based database. The amount of sensors should scale, so the solution should be able handle the sizes of hundreds of millions or possibly even billion(s) writes a year.

Each sensor has its own table with key(timestamp) - value and sensor metadata is in its own table.

The system should support search functions such as the most recent values (fast data retrieval) of certain sensor types and values from time frame of sensors in certain areas (from metadata).

So the question is which cloud database service would be most suited to our needs?

Thanks in advance.

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Couchbase is a great option for this type of use case.

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Try Apache Cassandra. DataStax provide easy to install packages that includes some useful extras.

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I wholeheartedly agree with @Ben that this isn't an answerable question; nevertheless, I would at least consider the reasons for choosing a simple k/v type store over a typical RBDMS. It sounds like this data will likely be aggregated and counted; an RBDMS will typically answer those questions very quickly with correct indexing. 1B writes/yr (or even 30B/yr) is really not that high.

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