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I have created the extension with <SystemComponent>true</SystemComponent>

I have added this tag so it will not show on the Extension Manager. But now its not allowing me to install the latest version, and throws SystemComponentException.

If I remove <SystemComponent> from the manifest, it will allow me to update the existing extension.

Is there anyway to update the extension with this <SystemComponent>true</SystemComponent> tag?

Manifest looks like this:

<Identifier Id="1053D167-FD56-4EEB-B920-610B0295D0FD">
<Name xml:space="preserve">TEST</Name>
<Description xml:space="preserve">Test</Description>     
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Why did you set SystemComponent? It's typically only set if you're installing extensions via MSI or some third-party technology and so you want the install to be managed by it. – Jason Malinowski Aug 14 '12 at 16:56
My requirement is just hide the extension from extension manager. I found that adding system component hides it. but i can't install updates to that extension. – Ganeshkumar Aug 21 '12 at 10:25

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