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So I stumbled upon a rather inconvenient 'feature' of the iOS SDK last night, and I wanted to share my finding and solution with you guys. Also to get input, should there be a better solution.


I had a table view set up with two sections, on for favorite items another for all other items. Tapping a row in the table view would toggle whether the item is marked as favorite; tapping a row in the favorite items section, would remove it from favorites, while tapping a row in the all other items section would add this item to the favorites.

When the state of favorite is toggled, I use moveRowAtIndexPath:toIndexPath: to do a nice little animation and move the row from favorites section to all others section.


So, the problem occured because, not only should the user be able to toggle favorite state, also all of the items in the favorites section should be rearrangeable. Thus I wanted to display a rearrange control in each row of the favorite items section.

However, a cell isn't redrawn when invoking moveRowAtIndexPath:toIndexPath: and fromIndexPath and toIndexPath are both in the visible area. This means that the rearrange control is not displayed when adding a new row to the favorite items section.

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After looking through page-after-page in the documentation, thread on StackOverflow and trying out various stuff, I finally found a solution.

Immediately after calling moveRowAtIndexPath:toIndexPath: I also invoke the following lines:

[cell setEditing:NO]
[cell setEditing:YES]

Which would cause that one cell to understand that it's restriction for rearrangement has changed, thus show/hide the rearrange control appropriately.

I find this solution to be very hacky, so I'd be happy to hear about better solutions. But at least, a solution is out here now, for other people to enjoy.

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